1817-2017: Two Centuries of ‘Froebel the Pedagogue’ in Keilhau

With the IFS as patron, The Thuringia (Germany) Froebel Association and JugendSozialwerk Nordhausen e. V. hosted a number of events in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of Froebel’s first educational institution, “Allgemeine Deutsche Erziehungsanstalt” (General German Education Institute) in Keilhau/Rudolstadt. In addition to celebrating Froebel’s achievements and those of his students and supporters over many generations, events in 2017 addressed the relevance and implications of Froebel’s philosophy for education and schooling today.

The 2017 Jubilee Year officially began with an opening ceremony on 21 April and a symposium organized by the International Froebel Society – Deutschland on 22 April. Both events took place in Keilhau.  For details of the other events that took place throughout the year, see the jubilee flyer (in German).