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So thrilled that my monograph now has a webpage! It's starting to feel real...! #righttoplay Some lovely endorsements by @InclusiveLaw
and @ludicology, and a foreword by @tonliefaard. Excited to hv this work published to help push for better implementation

Sharing this again after a few people have asked about it - a very short overview of #fundsofknowledge in #ECE drawing on my research funded by ⁦@FroebelTrust⁩. Animation by the brilliant ⁦@alexefrancis⁩

Movement, rhythm, rhyme & learning are all connected. A Froebelian approach to #earlyeducation recognises that play & creativity are integral to child development & learning. Find out more in our free series of pamphlets for early years educators:

Now @LintonLass considers Froebelian principles and the education of young children "...the importance of unity and connectedness..."
You can find out more about a Froebelian approach on our website:
#Froebel #belonging

Our next speaker @RJoshiEYFS speaks with passion about music and hope and makes inspiring connections to Froebel's principles. You can read Rachna Joshi's new article all about music and dance in the early years on our website:
#Froebel #belonging

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