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Learning through nature? What does outdoor provision look like for babies and toddlers? Read the latest report from @JoJosephidou, Nicola Kemp and Ian Durrant on their @FroebelTrust funded research:

On this day, 180 years ago, #Froebel opened the first #kindergarten! What would he say if he would learn that kindergarten has become a global phenomenon, and what has become of the institution he called kindergarten?

My research seeks to explore this in context of nursery environments. How do babies engage their body, facial expressions, early vocalisation attempts to communicate with adults who care for them? What might this mean for our conceptualisation of ‘voice’ without words?

Watch Dr Stella Louis, leader of the Froebel Trust Short Courses, interviewed at the @NurseryWorld show in London 'Improving Observations in the Early Years'.
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