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Are digital devices, screens and smart toys conducive to young children's play? New article on our website all about digital play:
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Great feature in @NurseryWorld introducing the Froebel Trust's new funding programme - supporting a Froebelian approach to early childhood education. Read the article here: Best Practice - Flourishing Froebel

The suggestion we “live with our children” (Froebel, 1887) highlights their capacity to draw our attention towards the small and taken for granted in surroundings #holism #immediatetoremote #connection #froebel #Froebel

"The human being, especially in childhood, should become closely acquainted with nature – not merely with its details and forms, but with the divine spirit that is contained within it. This the child needs and feels deeply."

- Friedrich Fröbel

Quote: ‘’The changing cultural landscape of modernity urges us to consider whether digital technology can be considered conducive play’ An interesting article indeed 👇 @LynnMcNair @FroebelTrust

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