Working for Children and Social Change, by Bethell & May (2021)

The IFS is pleased to republish here (with copyright holder permission) Working for children and social change: Tracing the endeavours of three Scottish lady teachers who immigrated to New Zealand in the early 20th century (2021), by Kerry Bethell and Helen May. (Download the full-text version here.)

This freely downloadable open access book – also available in hard copy – is the expanded version of a paper published on this website last year, one that had its roots in a presentation initially planned for the (later postponed) IFS 2020 conference. In this wonderfully rich and insightful study, Bethell and May expertly uncover and delineate the little-known contributions of three Scottish Froebelians – part of “a pivotal generation of women teachers” – whose experiences as migrants to New Zealand changed them as individuals and also helped transform the educational, social and political landscape for generations to come.